"All Over The Place"

1) Life's Sweetest Things (5:08) 2) Captain (5:28) 3) I Want Him Back (4:59) 4) Real Love (5:08) 5) Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (3:23) 6) At Last (5:00) 7) I Like Me Better Now (2:54) 8) Mazuna (3:58) 9) Ain't Gonna Let Him In (3:45)

Produced by Frank Scarpelli, Eric Gorfain and Cynthia Manley

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"Free As A Bird"

1) Free As A Bird (5:36) 2) Man's Got Talent (5:02) 3) I'll Be Your Shelter (3:20) 4) I Love James Brown (5:22) 5) Afraid Of The Dark (4:35) 6) He Lost His Heart (3:55) 7) You're The Only One (5:15) 8) Wish I Had a Manual (4:15) 9) My Religion (5:45) 10) Share Love (4:09)

Produced by Mauricio Lewa Executive Producer: Cynthia Manley

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"Everybody Dance"

1) Everybody Dance (3:12) 2) Everybody Dance (Extended) 4:13 3) If You Wanna Be Mine (3:38) 4) Move On Up (3:27) 5) Move On Up (Extended) (5:19) 6) My Desire (Extended) (5:19) 7) My Desire (4:08)

Produced by Christian de Walden, Carlo Nasi and Vanni G.

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"Everybody Dance"

The Rick Gianatos Remix

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(Jamie Lewis' Goes Disco Mix, Jamie Lewis' Darkroom Mix, Jamie Lewis' Video Version, Jamie Lewis'Radio Version & Jamie Lewis' Extended Version)

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"Sunshine Hotel"

(Jamie Lewis' Club Mix, Jamie Lewis' Dub Cut & Jamie Lewis' Epic Dub)

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"Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"

(Paul Goodyear's Anthem, Paul Goodyear's Video Mix, Sinclair and Chatters Pop Mix, Pnp Main Arena Mix and more)

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"Save The World"

(Jamie Lewis' House Mix, Jamie Lewis' Disco Flava Mix)

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"Greatest Hits Collection"

1) Remember Me/Ain't No Mountain High Enough 2) Cruisin' The Streets 3) Back In My Arms Again 4) Afraid Of The Dark 5) When Love's Gone Bad 6) Stand 7) Turn The Beat Around 8) Everybody Dance 9) Give 10) Sunshine Hotel 11) Can't Take My Eyes Of Of You (Mix-#-1) 12) Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (Mix-#-2) 13) Save The World

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